Monday, September 24, 2007

Brittens BooBoo

Britten had a pretty big fall the other day. It was the first big booboo that Mommy had to deal with. We are used to bumped heads and smashed fingers around here, but not blood. Britten and I were on our way to play out front and wait on Daddy, and she decided that she was going to ride her Dora car out of the entryway. There is a pretty big step off of there, and she landed face first on the concrete. The first thing that I saw was a lot of blood. She was so tough about it though. I was surprisingly calm through it all.....but I sure wish Daddy would have been there to be the tough one! Her face already looks a lot better......Daddy thinks it makes her look tough! What a strong little girl!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big girl bed

We took the front rails off of Britten's bed so she can get used to having a big girl bed. She thinks this is the neatest thing. We put the rails back up at night because she would never go to sleep. She does really good at nap time when she is worn out from playing hard all morning. Last night Daddy put the quilt over her bed and made a tent. She loved it. She red books to all of her animals before she went night night. What a big girl she is!(It is scary for us!)

Outside with Kyle

We took these pictures last weekend when we were grilling out. Kyle has gotten really good about staying in our yard without a leash, so we let him out front for a while. Britten loved it. After we bathed him, we played frisbee while our steaks were cooking. Britten loves being outside anytime. She will roll in the grass and get filthy, and not care at all. Sound like another little girl? haha. She loves to get on top of Kyle and sit on him..... I love our relaxing family weekends together! They are the best!

Pictures when Britten isn't looking

Unless one of us is holding Britten, she will not look at the camera. I have to snap quick shots of her when she isn't looking. The first one she is actually running to me and saying No Mommy no!

Our home

Here are some pictures of us around the house. We love when Texas Tech plays, so we can wear our Tech Gear. Britten has learned to love football.....Daddy hasn't left her with much of a choice! Mommy has been teaching her cheers already. She loves doing Two Bits. She is actually really good at it! She even does kicks! There are also some pics of our casa. Fall is my favorite season, so we are outside a lot more now! Its not so freakin hot! Thank goodness! We love spending our days playing outside, and riding Mommy and Britten's bike! The picture of Kyle is to show how huge he has gotten. Ever since we got him fixed, he has been packing on the pounds. He looks really good, though. Andi was at the vet that day getting shots, so that is why she isn't in the pictures. We will get some of her soon! So yea for football season and fall! Halloween is just around the corner!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am a BTS Group Power Instructor!

YEA! I am so excited about this. I went to training this past weekend (YES a whole weekend of working out) to become a Body Training Systems Group Power instructor. I am going to be teaching at the gym that I go to here in GA, and I LOVE IT! I taught my first class yesterday morning at out new gym location. I have always know that the fitness field was something that I wanted to work in, but I didn't realize how much I would love it. Yall all know that there is not a shy bone in my body! lol. SO I don't mind being up on stage yelling at people.I am going to start out teaching a few times a week, then move up to more. I am also going to get certified to teach Group Ride, which is like Spinning. I am also trying to convince the Group Coordinator to get Group Groove, which is a cardio Dance class, and Group Kick, which is kickboxing. Check out this website, it is way cool
Wish me luck!!

Steffens Family

It has been so nice having Justin back home! Our family is complete, again! Here are a few shots that we have taken since he has been home. Aren't we a silly little family? I love Brittens smiles! hehe

My new bike.

I know that this post is so late, but I wanted to share about my birthday present. Sept 3 was my bday....I turned 23. YEA. Aywhoo..Justin asked me what I wanted and I thought about it and decided that I really wanted a bike. Ok, it has been like 10 years since I have rode a bike!! Anyways, I love it. Britten got to help Daddy put her seat on the bike. She was so anxious to take it for a spin. She loves it, and so do I! I know that all of the pics are of her, but I hated the one of me. She is a lot cuter, too!! We took it for a good 5 mile ride the other morning, and I am sure that is something we will do a few times a week! Her favorite thing to say is GO MOMMY GO. She really likes to go fast!Don't worry Dad, I am being careful!:) I am sure that we will be buying her first tricycle soon.......!