Thursday, January 29, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

So this is what we do when Daddy is gone! haha. Britten saw me put my mask on the other day and wanted to be a butterfly with me. (I guess that I looked like one?) I put a little bit on her face, but I was scared to put too much on her skin. I didn't want her to get a rash. She thought that it was fun, but was ready to take it off when it dried and became itchy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

On her way to dance.

This was Britten yesterday before ballet class. It was really cold when we left, so I really had to bundle her up. She wanted me to make sure everyone knew that her leotard was underneath. She was also very proud of her shirt. She kept on telling her friends at class what it said. She IS a Daddy's little girl!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I wanna be like Taylor Swift

Britten's Taylor Swift impersonation

Future performer

Singing at the top of her lungs

Practicing her choreography haha

Britten LOVES Taylor Swift. Yes that's right. She knows at least 8 of her songs, and always has me switch between her two Cd's. She sleeps with a small poster of her that Justin has already had to tape up.She also thinks that Taylor Swift is a Princess because of her song Love Story. On her second album cover, her hair is blown up and she is looking to the side. Britten loves to pose like that picture. I caught her doing it tonight.....what a silly girl! I think that she will be an entertainer.....she has a great voice and picks up on songs and beats very fast. As long as she wears long skirts and turtlenecks, she can be a singer. haha

Candy Land

Beating me again
I am almost there!

This game is making me hungry

She had to take one of me.....sorry about the no makeup look!

Today Britten got to experience Candy Land for the first time. At first she didn't really understand the object of the game, bt once she got the hang out it, she wanted to keep playing. I actually wanted to quit because she kept beating me! Candy Land makes me think of my childhood because we would play it quite often. Now, if you have never played a game (card, board, sport, grape eating contest, etc.) with the Lewis' then you do not know the meaning of competitiveness. I mean it gets UGLY! I remember one time we all sat down to play Candy Land, and I was in charge of straitening and shuffling the cards. Well....while I was doing this I decided to take the Fairy Princess card and sit on it, and when nobody was looking pretend that I drew it. My plan didn't work. You don't get away with something like that when Allyson has her eye on you at all times. I also remember playing spoons (the card game). Things always got violent when we played this one. Blood, bruises, scratches, pulled hair....anything to get that spoon. (I am glad they weren't forks). Anyway at the end of the game we all had a spoon which meant that someone brought an extra one in. Everyone automatically assumed that it was me (How could yall) and lo and behold it was the quiet one! Staci had outsmarted us! I can't remember Ally cheating, but I am sure that she did. She always won clue and I am still suspicious of her. I hope that Britten doesn't inherit this weird competitive gene! Just stay calm and laid back like Daddy.

In my Castle

Britten loves to play in her castle tent. She has a royal throne that announces Princess Brittens arrival. She also has a million dress up dresses that she wears every day. Oh yes, shoes, crowns, and wands. She has it all!!

Happy Third Birthday

Going around and around

Conner and Brittany

Britten and Conner

Eating the delicious pizza


Waiting for the candles to be lit

Blowing them out

Daddy's girl
The fam

Birthday cards


Britten and Madison

Kara and Clay

Britten and Kara

Britten had her third birthday at Chuck E Cheeses this year. She and her friends had a lot of fun! She still didn't like it when Chucky came out. She told me that he bit her once! haha. She had a princess cake with Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Ariel on it. She of course got to pick it out. We had a great time playing, and she was ready for bed once we got home! (I still can't believe how old she is!)

Wrightsville Beach

We also went to the beach while The Steffens were in town. We had wonderful seafood (everone except Justin!) then we took a walk on the beach. Britten and I were the only ones brave enough to get our feet wet......and it was really cold! We are ready for it to get warmer so we can spend a few days there! We are beach girls!

Chimney Rock

While Sherri and Papoo were here we made a trip up to Asheville to see the Great Smokey Mountains. It was so beautiful. The first trail that we went on was to a waterfall. I was in charge of walking the dogs.....that was interesting. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. We then took an elevator up a rock that was hollowed out up to the top of Chimney Rock.
The Chimney is the focal point of Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park.
Climb to the top of this towering 315-foot monolith located on the very edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains high above beautiful Hickory Nut Gorge. At a soaring elevation of 2,280 feet with its 75-mile views, this mountain top experience will take your breath away. And, you can get to the top of the "Rock" with great ease or some effort. It's up to you!
I took this from the web site. We took the easy way up! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the fresh air.

Christmas morning

Britten was so eager for Christmas this year. It was so neat to be able to tell her all the stories about Christmas. She really loved to hear the story about the birth of Jesus. We really tried to keep this our focus this year because we always want her to know the real meaning behind Christmas.
She also loved writing Santa a note the night before and leaving him milk and cookies. And of course all the toys. She really got spoiled this year! Everything seemed to be princess themed, and she was ok with that!

Our little ballerina

Britten loves dance class! She will have her first recital in May. I am so excited to see her perform. She is so funny during dance class. She loves to practice at home and always wants her ballet or tap shoes on. She has really gotten pretty good and has learned to listen to the teacher. More dance pics to follow.