Friday, October 29, 2010

Firehouse Fun

Look at Ellies belly in this one!

We went to the Goldsboro Fire department this morning for a tour. Britten was able to tour the fire station in Slaton about a year ago, but Ellie had never been. They both had a lot of fun. We went with friends, Owen and Noah. Britten loves playing with them and Beth and I always enjoy the Mommy talk. They went over all the fire safety rules. Britten really impressed me with all her knowledge...she knew to dial 911, stop drop and roll, to crawl when there is smoke, and to have a meeting place. It was neat that the kids were able to see the firefighter in his gear because it could be a scary thing for a child to see if something ever did happen. The newspaper was there and took pictures for the paper. I guess they will be making an appearance in the next few days. It was a fun morning for us.

Friday, October 15, 2010

First train ride

Britt looking in this one
Oh, hey, Ellie is looking in this one, but Britten isnt!

Now neither of them will look...haha.

We took the Metro into town from our hotel a few times. It was fun for the girls the first time. It was not so fun the time when Ellie cried the whole way in the end of day crowd. OMG we got some of the worst looks. She was so tired and worn out! I felt so bad for her. I think I could get around D.C. now. We did a lot of walking but it was all so neat, I didn't mind! Britt was tired of all the walking though!!

Washington DC

The White House
Daddy and his girls

Sweet Girl

Mommy and Britt in front of Washington Monument

Barefoot Ellie

Me and Ellie in front of the Monument

Britten taking it all in

WWII Memorial...the pictures don't do it justice. It is beautiful!

Ell and Daddy

The statues at the Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

I love how you can see the capital in the distance

The Steffens girls

The Lincoln Monument from the front

Lincoln cool!!

The first lady that we asked to take our picture in front of Lincoln...umm she didn't do to well. The second lady seemed to get it more.

The family with Honest Abe

Soldiers in front of Vietnam Memorial

All the thankful

Vietnam Memorial

Me posing by the monument

Washington Monument at night

We had such a great time last month on our trip to D.C. last month. This was our first time to experience the city, and we fell in love with it. There was so much to do, and I feel like we didn't even put a dent in what the city had to offer. All the memorials and monuments were awesome. We didn't have our camera with us the day we say the Jefferson Monument, but it was equally impressive. We also were able to experience the zoo, and a few of the Smithsonian Museums. We are only 4 hours away, so we hope to make the trip again soon. The girls really liked it. It was neat to be able to teach Britten about our country's history. She really took an interest in it. Ellie was just glad to be there.
Justins eye surgery went well while we were there. I was a little nervous because I knew that I would have to drive, but it wasn't all that bad. He went on on a Wednesday morning and had his eyes lasered (not sure if this is a word?). It was cool because the girls and I were able to watch the whole procedure on a screen. The surgery went really fast...and he was ok that day. The next few days were a little rough on him. He was really sensitive to light and had to put tons of eye drops in. He is still not 100% with his vision, but it is getting better every day. No more glasses for Justin!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Britt comes home

Britt spent a week in Texas this summer. I know that she had so much fun with everyone. She

was spoiled, I am sure! A week doesn't seem like it would be too long, but this was the longest week ever for me. I thought that I would get so much done, but was actually less productive. I did enjoy sleeping in more and napping with Ellie. Britten told me that next summer when she goes she wants to stay three week with Pop Pop, one with Gammy and PapPaw, and one with Sherri and Papoo. I know she could do it......but KNOW I couldn't! Such a big girl. We were glad to have her back.

Forth of July

We had a great 4th of July this year. We missed Britt a lot....but knew that she was having fun in Texas with all her cousins. We loved Ellie's reaction to the fireworks. She really enjoyed them. I think that she was too young to be scared. We went to the celebration on base and also watched the fireworks show at the mall. I know that Britt enjoyed playing with all her cousins and doing fireworks with them!