Monday, April 27, 2009

Using Mommy's Camera

Apparently Britten found my camera, and decided to take a picture of herself. I noticed this picture when I uploaded all of the other ones, and had a good laugh. She was already in bed for the night, so I couldn't ask her about it!! Silly girl! It really doesn't even look like her.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

29 weeks

So here I am, in my third trimester. Britten took the picture, and I thought that she did really well. I am not looking forward to the hot weather, but I am thankful that I will not be pregnant in July or August!! So, there you go, Val. You can see how huge I am. :)

Wings over Wayne (County)

My favorite pic

The C-17

In the heat

Wearing my sunglasses, and saying air showwwww

Wonder girl, holding up an airplane

Cooling off under a wing

Flying the helicopter

By the helicopter
My only picture of the show

Today Britten and I spent the day on base at the airshow. Yes....I am 7 months pregnant, and yes it was 92 degrees outside. There was a lot of walking involved as well....but it was worth it. I thought that Britten may not like all the loud noises, but she loved everything. She forgot her sunglasses in the car (all five of them), so she wore mine most of the time. What a cutie.

The Mount Olive Pickle Festival

This was our first year to go to the Mount Olive Pickle Festival. Yes, a pickle festival. They have all sorts of festivals around here. This one is one that you all would know....Mount Olive Pickles. I bet you have a jar in your fridge. This little town in 15 miles up the road and they hold a festival every year where they hand out free pickles and have fun games for the kids. Britten had a blast on the rides. She wasn't scared of anything. I was a little leery to see her get on the swings, but she was insistent. She never screamed, and by the 5th time riding them she was having the best time ever. She also got to get her face painted and feed the animals at the petting zoo. It was a great way to spend our Friday night!

Pretty in North Carolina

Love this girl!!

Not sure of this look
So sweet

The picture for Daddy

Deep in thought

Yes, I will always be a west Texan. I love claiming Texas as my home state, and we will always be residents no matter where we live. Let me tell you this, North Carolina is gorgeous. This is our first spring here, and I am loving it. It rains at least once a week, and the result are these beautiful flowers. Of course, I had to put the most beautiful thing that I could think of in front of them to make them look even better!! Happy Spring!

First shaved ice of the summer

One of my favorite things for summer is going and getting shaved ice. Britten loves them just as much as I do. This was out first official trip for the summer, and I know we will be there many more times! Yummy.