Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winterville Watermelon Festival

On Saturday we went to Winterville for their annual watermelon festival. It was a lot of fun for all of us and we definitely ate enough watermelon! Their were rides for Britten, shows, music, vendors, and all you can eat watermelon! We are eager to explore all of the other towns around here and take part in their festivals. More pics to come!

Just being cute

Britten was playing on the stairs, and I couldn't resist getting a few pics of her being cute. She is really good with the steps in our new house. She will not go up more than a few by herself, and she knows not to go down without one of us. We have enjoyed getting more settled in our new house and town. We really like the area and all that it has to offer. Last Thursday we went to Center Street Jam downtown. They have an outdoor concert there every other week throughout the summer. Last week was the last one of the season, and we are already for next years concerts! Britten really enjoyed dancing, and loved getting the butterfly painted on her face!

Playing with the Water Hose

Last week, during one on the hotter days of the week, Britten wanted to play outside with the water hose. She had a lot of fun, and didn't get me too wet. Oh....the swimsuit that she has on used to be Ramzi's and it is 12-18 months. This girl needs to grow!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Day in Raleigh

We went to Raleigh yesterday to see the city and to stop by a few museums. We took Britten to the Children's Museum Marbles first. She really had fun here. There was one room where you could dress up and pretend that you worked in different jobs. She really liked this part. She was a doctor, and could ride in the ambulance, a mail lady and deliver boxes, a firefighter, and a farm girl. Justin and I couldn't stop laughing at her when she was dressed as the mail lady. She just looked so dang cute. There was a water works room, a big pirate ship to play in, and lots of neat crafts for her to do. I know that she is already wanting to go back. After Britten's museum, we went to the Museum of Natural Science to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was an AMAZING exhibit to experience and I am so glad that we got to see it. We really enjoyed our day in Raleigh. It is such a pretty, clean city, and I am glad that we live so close to it. More pics to come.....I am back and blogging!