Friday, May 14, 2010

Find Your Pretty Place Contest

I entered a contest through ABC and Mary Kay back in March called Find Your Pretty Place. I had received an email from a friend who sells Mary Kay telling me about this contest. I didn't think that I had a chance to win, but I was chosen as one of one hundred nationwide first prize winners. All that I had to do was submit an essay describing my hectic morning routine, and then attach a picture. I don't remember what I wrote but it was either very clever, or they felt sorry for me and decided that I needed a little pampering. Here is what i won....
One Hundred (100) First Prizes: Each First Prize winner will receive one (1) Mary Kay “Morning Makeup Kit” Gift Bag that includes: TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set, Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara in black, Fragrance Free Satin Hands Pampering Set, Mary Kay® Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF, plus a limited edition coffee mug and coffee. ARV: $125 each.
I wasn't the grand prize winner, but I was very happy to get this!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


One last pic. This was taken at church this weekend during our marriage seminar.The kids did VBS activities and had so much fun. I couldn't resist posting this pic. It isnt too clear bc it is a picture of a picture, but u get the idea!!!!

Ellie's favorite person

Ellie loves Keith Anderson from church. She has been suffering separation anxiety from me, but not when it comes to Keith! She must know that he has two girls of his own. They are adorable together. She loves it when he has nursery duty with his wife Dawn. Thanks, guys, for helping with our kids and loving them!

Baby Dedication

Dedication Day for Ellie!
All of us with Pastor Bob

The Simms family

Ellie loving the attention

It got chaotic at the end

We had Baby Dedication Day yesterday at church. It was so neat to be able to do this on Mothers Day. It made it that much more special. It was a joy to have the Simms with their baby Caroline up there. Both girls got a really cool certificate and a New Testament. What a neat thing to do. Justin and I pray for our girls every day and know that they are going to do AMAZING things for the kingdom of God! May we always be the example that they need!

She loves the camera!

She picked the flower from our yard and asked me to put it in her hair.
I have no clue?!


Deep in thought

Monkey? I think she wanted her hands on her hips! haha

Britt loves when I take pictures of her. I tell her not to pose, and she tells me that she can't help it because she has to be cute! What a doll she is!

Weekley pics

These girl have to know that the camera is comming out on Sundays. They are probably sick of it. Or not....Britt loves to pose and Ellie loves to smile, if she can keep her eyes open!

Cutting the grass

This is Brittens "pet" Leecee. She stays in our kitchen window. Britten found her at Lowes about a month ago and had to have her. She couldn't wait for her "hair" to get long enough to put a bow into it and cut it. It had already grown so much since these pics.