Saturday, November 22, 2008

Britten the ballerina

Britten started taking ballet classes about a month ago. I took these pictures before her first class....she seemed to know what she was doing. She loves going to class and being with her other ballerina friends. She tries to teach me what she has learned in class, but when I try to do it, she says that I am not doing it right!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Princess is going to be a Big Sister

Yes! That is right! Justin, Britten, and I are going to have a new addition in July! We are so blessed, and are looking forward to a new baby! Britten wants me to have boy and one girl.....because she can't decide which one she wants me to have! She is so excited about becoming a big sister!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

About to become a princess

Posing on the stairs

She IS a Princess

She wouldn't look at the camera at all!

Britt and Daddy

Trick-or-treating downtown

At the Boo It festival downtown

Getting her face painted

Digging for candy!

Bowling! See the tongue out! She only had one standing!

Riding the Halloween train at the park

SOOOO sleepy!!

Britten had such a fun Halloween this year. She is old enough to really look forward to it and have a lot of fun. She went as a princess this year...her choice. We went downtown to a festival that they were having. She played all the games and got her face painted. She wouldn't ride the hayride this year because she said that it was too scary. After she played all the games, we went to all the businesses downtown and trick or treated. She was so quiet and shy when she saw they people handing out the candy. ( Is she really my child?) After she got enough candy in her basket, we took her to the park where they were running the miniature train for spooky Halloween rides. We had a lot of fun. Then we headed back to the house to hand out candy to the other kids. We had a great Halloween, and hope you all did too!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Britten this morning

Yes, I know I have been a bad blogger! The reason for this is that our camera's 2 memory cards are full. Yes, I know this is horrible. I need to take them to Walmart and print them all out! Some of them are from so long ago. Anyways.....this is Britten this morning being as cute as ever. I can't believe that in three months she will be 3 years old. She is such a big girl! Right now as we speak she has found my cold coffee from this morning and is drinking it. Probably not too good! We are so anxious for our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. This will be our first Thanksgiving home since we moved away. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday with Thanksgiving being a close second, so I can't wait to be home this year for it. Britten thinks that we are taking a helicopter there and that Daddy is going to fly it for us. Haha. Britten is getting smarter and smarter. We are still working on signs everyday. I recommend the show Signing Time to any and every parent. She makes us laugh all of the time and I can see that she had my outgoing spirit. She is always wanting to go. Well....enjoy these pictures!! We will see you all soon! Lots of love from North Carolina to Texas!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Duke Game

On Saturday we went to Durham to watch Duke play Navy. This was Britten's first college football game, and she loved it. It was soooo hot that day and it we had to park miles away (ok maybe not really miles, but it was far). She really enjoyed the game, and liked watching them kick the ball and score touchdowns. We are trying to see as many different college teams around here that we can. We wish that it was Tech, but it isn't. We are still having fun going to these games. Don't worry.....we all sat around the TV that night and watch TECH pound SMU!!! Go Red Raiders! (notice Justin's hat!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winterville Watermelon Festival

On Saturday we went to Winterville for their annual watermelon festival. It was a lot of fun for all of us and we definitely ate enough watermelon! Their were rides for Britten, shows, music, vendors, and all you can eat watermelon! We are eager to explore all of the other towns around here and take part in their festivals. More pics to come!

Just being cute

Britten was playing on the stairs, and I couldn't resist getting a few pics of her being cute. She is really good with the steps in our new house. She will not go up more than a few by herself, and she knows not to go down without one of us. We have enjoyed getting more settled in our new house and town. We really like the area and all that it has to offer. Last Thursday we went to Center Street Jam downtown. They have an outdoor concert there every other week throughout the summer. Last week was the last one of the season, and we are already for next years concerts! Britten really enjoyed dancing, and loved getting the butterfly painted on her face!

Playing with the Water Hose

Last week, during one on the hotter days of the week, Britten wanted to play outside with the water hose. She had a lot of fun, and didn't get me too wet. Oh....the swimsuit that she has on used to be Ramzi's and it is 12-18 months. This girl needs to grow!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Day in Raleigh

We went to Raleigh yesterday to see the city and to stop by a few museums. We took Britten to the Children's Museum Marbles first. She really had fun here. There was one room where you could dress up and pretend that you worked in different jobs. She really liked this part. She was a doctor, and could ride in the ambulance, a mail lady and deliver boxes, a firefighter, and a farm girl. Justin and I couldn't stop laughing at her when she was dressed as the mail lady. She just looked so dang cute. There was a water works room, a big pirate ship to play in, and lots of neat crafts for her to do. I know that she is already wanting to go back. After Britten's museum, we went to the Museum of Natural Science to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was an AMAZING exhibit to experience and I am so glad that we got to see it. We really enjoyed our day in Raleigh. It is such a pretty, clean city, and I am glad that we live so close to it. More pics to come.....I am back and blogging!