Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aunt Staci and Uncle Chad's gift

Her legs look way short in this pic! It is the angle that I took the picture in! Isn't she way too big!?

Yesterday we got a t-shirt in the mail from Aunt Staci and Uncle Chad's wedding in Jamaica. We were so excited to get it, and were eager to try it on Britten. (Staci had told us that she was sending us something and also sent something to Dustin and Ally. Dustin said that it was going to be a dreadlock wig! HAHA) After church today, we were playing and decided that we should try it on. ...and let me tell you Britten was ready for the camera. It has been about two days since she has gotten her picture taken, and she was getting pretty worried. Anyways....Thanks Staci and Chad! We love yall bunches!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I know that I am cute!

Britten's Six Month Old Pictures

Today we picked up Brittens pictures that we took when she was six months old. Aren't they cute.......She wouldn't stay in the tub because she kept on eating the cotton that was in there. She also didn't want to smile at all that day! She still looks so cute, though! Maybe the next pictures will be a little better!

I have pictures, too!

Yall can make fun of me all yall want, but remember that I have pictures too! Need I also remind yall that I have never had a mullet haircut, or a snaggle tooth! haha. Love ya Ally!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

That can't be comfortable!

I left Britten on a blanket in the living room, so I could go wash some bottles in the kitchen. It hadn't even been a whole minute, and I walked back in to check on her, and she was completely off of the blanket with her head turned all wierd. She was just as happy as can be, though! Sometimes I think that she wants to be left alone, so that she can do whatever she wants! If I would have been in there with her, I wouldn't have let her roll on the hard floor. I think that she was trying to show me how tough she is! ( Do you see how light her hair has gotten? We may have a redhead!)

Monday, July 24, 2006


Britten relaxing on Mommy and Daddys bed!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Story Time

It was Dr. Seuss night in the Steffens house tonight. We got out all of my old books and read them to Britten. She really loves to look at the pictures and scratch the pages. We hope that she will grow up loving to read and learn.


We finally got a little rain in Georgia this evening, and decided to let Britten wear her pretty rainboots and splash in the puddles. She just ate it up and didn't want to come back inside.

Friday, July 21, 2006

All this scooting makes me tired!

Britten got a new toy the other day. It lights up and rools on the floor. It is supposed to encourage babies to crawl to get it. Britten really loves it! She realizes that when she touches it, that it moves. These pictures were taken before her 6 month shots today. The doctor said that everything looks good and that Britten is in perfect health! She weighs 16.2 pounds and is in the 50th percentile of her weight. She is 27 3/4 inches long and is in the 90th percentile for length! We are so blessed to have such a healthy baby!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Striking Another Pose

Britten has gotten so good at sitting up....and it makes for some really good pictures!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bubbles, anyone?

Rubber Duckie and Me

Britten loves our bathtub. She said NO more baths in the kitchen sink, I want the real deal. She loves the bubbles, and even tasted them! She loves her duckie, too. I think Britten would stay in the tub for hours if I let her!

Jumpin' Britten

Britten is starting to like her jumper more and more, and she is getting pretty good at it! She talks and talks while she is in it and never stops smiling. If you notice Britten still has the same outfit on from earlier (which is a miracle considering how much she spits up) but is missing her headwrap. The reason for this is because she desided that she didnt like it and tore the whole bow off the top! Looks like we might have a tomboy. (Like little Lindsay was!)

27 Weeks

Wow. Isn't she such a big girl?? The only way I can keep up with how many weeks old Britten is, is by Ally. She is 26 weeks pregnant today, and Britten was 27 weeks old yesterday. I can't belive how soon baby Taylor will be here! I am getting way anxious!! Britten and Taylor are going to love growing up together. Ally and I are going to have a blast raising them together, also! Britten was supposed to get her 6 month shots yesterday, but for some reason they had to reschedule. I bet she wonders why I kept giving her Childrens Tylenol, and why she didn't get any shots. She is getting them next Friday. Justin will be home from his Kansas trip then, so he will have to brave the horrible screams with me! I know that he was hoping to avoid the whole shots thing. I bet he will cry more than Britten. Anyways.....She is doing good. Teething.....but doing good! Miss everyone bunches!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brittens new old blanket

Today I gave Britten my Carebear blanket that was mine when I was little. I named this blanket Inee because when I was little and wanted it, I would always say I need, I need. This was a very special moment and meant a lot to me. Of course, I cried. I don't get out much anymore being a stay at home Mom! Anything will make me cry these days! HAHA. Speaking of funny moments....I was at the store yesterday and had a Cosmopolitian and a new Sudoku book ( I am addicted). I thought, ok, you can only get one. So....being the borring stay at home Mom that I am, I chose the Sudoku book. I figure I didn't need any help on what the new styles are since I am usually in my pajamas with my hair in a ponytail!!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Britten with Mommy and Daddy

We took these pictures Sunday night before we went out for dinner. Britten was very eager to smile for the camera. She wanted to take a picture of Me and Daddy.....but we told her she wasn't old enough yet. HAHA!


Yes....I am half a year old! Aren't I getting big?! Here are some things I love to do these my peas, green beans, peaches, bananas, and applesauce. I always hear Mommy say I am a good eater. I really like the green beans and peas the best! Don't get me wrong.....I still like my bottles, too. I also like to scoot around on the floor. I have learned that it is easier to roll around to get to where I want to go. Crawling is too much work. I am also sitting up pretty good. I surprised Mommy and Daddy at dinner the other night when I sat up in my carseat and watched them eat their dinner. They thought this was the neatest thing. I love keeping them entertained! I also like to talk a lot. I just wish my parents understood what I was saying better. Well, I will keep you informed on all my likes and dislikes! Miss everyone a lot! Love you all!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lamp and Letters

Since we have been back to Georgia we have been getting readjusted to our house and neighborhood. We also have been doing a lot of housework and a little bit of decorating. My Mom made these letters for Brittens room. They look sooo good and match perfectly. We found this lamp at Kirklands (one of our favorite stores), then went to Michaels and picked out the greenery. We put it on our mantle, and it turned out looking wonderful. I am glad that me and Justin have the same taste in decorating! We have a lot of small projects planned for this next year. We will keep everyone updated!

Sleeping with Daddy and Teddy

Britten sleeps really good at night ( at least 9 hours), but she is very hard to get to sleep! We usually have to lay her in bed with us until she falls asleep. I think that she is afraid of missing something. She always fights it at night! She is also a night owl like her Mommy and Daddy! She usually doesnt fall asleep until at least 10! I caught Britten and Justin last night cuddling up with Teddy. LOVE IT!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!!

Here we are in our matching flag shirts. I thought that this family picture turned out good. Especially since we just set the camera on the timer. I was so proud that Britten looked up at the camera for the picture!! We hope that everyone had a wonderful day! We miss everyone soo much! Give us a call soon! Lots of love!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Although football season hasn't kicked off yet, we thought that we would make sure Britten knows who to root for. She is already working on that cheerleader smile.

Britten being always!

Britten is sitting up all by herself in the first picture. She has gotten so strong. If we lay her back on a pillow, she knows that she can use her hands to push herself up with. She can usually sit up for a fairly long time, then she will roll over. She also likes to be held upright when she gets her bottle. She told me that she wants to be held like a big girl. :)

YUMM....Green Beans

Britten tried green beans for the first time on Saturday. She really liked them and ate like a champ. Her expression never really changed with the first bite. I was expecting to see a funny face. I guess that this proves that she is a true Steffens/Lewis.....She will eat anything in front of her! HAHA!

I know that it has been forever since I posted.....but aren't these pictures worth the wait?! While in Texas we were able to go to Buffalo Lake a few times with The Steffens family. Britten loved thw water and even had her first boat ride! She wasn't ready to get out of the water when it was time to go. She is such a water baby!