Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Going to visit friends

Our own sledding dog

Ellie was a little confused on what was going on

Daddy with the pups

Mommy and Brit

Riding the Sled together

Sisters in the snow

Britten and Andi-she was a little unsure of the snow!

Mommy pulling Brit on the sled

Posing with the dogs...I don't know why Kyle always looks so sad

We were so glad when we got snow yesterday! It is pretty rare that the part of North Carolina that we live in gets any, but we have been lucky the two winters that we have lived here. Yesterday was really cold, and it was still sleeting. We went out there anyway but we didn't stay out there for too long. I was scared to get Ellie out there at all. Britten got to see Connor for a little while and play in the snow with him. It was soft enough yesterday for her to make snow angels, and we even made snow ice cream. When we woke up this morning, everything was so icy. Justin made a little sled for Britten and we had so much fun. Even Ellie got to ride for a little bit after she woke up from her nap. She was a little confused about what was going on, though. Kyle and Andi were out there with us for a while, but Andi decided that the snow was not for her and went inside by the fire. Kyle got stuck pulling Brits sled, and we all walked down the street to see some friends. Justin and I even got in a little snow ball fight. We had a lot of fun today!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


These two girls adore each other! I love the age difference between them, even though I thought I always wanted my kids closer in age. Ellie will laugh at anything Britten does, and Britten loves making Ellie laugh. They are alike in so many ways, but I can already see the personality differences between the two. I hope that they will always stay close throughout the years, just like me and my sisters have. Sisters can also be best friends! I have two to prove that!
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Birthday girl

Is my baby really four? It doesn't seem right to me! She should still be crawling around! Britten is such a blessing to Justin and I! She always amazes us with her kind, caring spirit. She is so compassionate and is always wanting to make a difference. Britten is changing before our eyes, and I do not realize how much she has grown until I look back at older pictures. She has grown a whole inch since November. Wow. Britten loves being a big sister, and is a good helper.

We had a little cake for her on her actual birthday, January 5th, at the house. It was neat just to have us four celebrating such a special day. When she woke up the morning of her birthday, she told me she was ready to go to school. She thought that since she was now officially four, that she could just start that day. Slow down.....Mommy and Daddy need you at home a little longer!

We love you, Prissy Brissy!
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Texas Tech girls

Britten and Ellie got the cutest Texas Tech shirts from Mom and David for Christmas. In case you can't read what it says "Tech Rocks"! Love it. You can tell that they are sisters in this picture!
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brittens Scooter

Britten decided to use her birthday money from Pop Pop to buy a new scooter and hasn't gotten off of it since! She likes to pretend that she is the little girl on Bolt that rides a scooter around. It is adorable. She gets better at it everyday and loves being outside!

Green Beans!

Not too sure yet!

Mommy feeding Ell

The typical Mommy feeding face


Ellie had her first experience with green beans yesterday and loved them! She was so excited to get something besides cereal and her bottles! I know that she will be ready to try all the other fruits and veggies soon!

So, Ellie said Dada on the 29th of December, and we were all so proud! We all got to hear it, and it quickly became her favorite thing to babble! Well I thought Mama cannot be far behind....still nothing. She does say one other word...baba (bottle) when she thinks that it is time to eat. Really? Bottle before Mama....not fair.