Monday, November 20, 2006

WARNING: Content Contains Nudity, but is suitable for all to see!! can't eat these doughnuts!!
Britten loves her bath time. She has plenty of "bath toys" and is never ready to get out when it is time. She is also very brave in the water. She likes to get on her stomach and slide around, and make a huge mess! We don't mind, though. She will even put her face under water!! What a daredevil.....Or should I say angel!?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Spouse Flight

Group picture of all the wives inside
Our jet from the outside
The inside of the jet
Refueling the F-15 over the Atlantic

The F-15 from the wing view
Yesterday, I was able to fly on a mission over the Atlantic with all of the other spouses in Justins squadron. It was so neat to be able to experience what Justin does. We flew off of the coast of Florida to refuel the F-15 fighter. The KC-135 is the jet that Justin maintains, and they refuel the jets in the sky. It was sooo cool!!They have this thing called the boom pod at the back of the jet, and you lay down on your stomach and look at the ground below you. All that separated us was a piece of glass! We were able to lay there while they refueled the F-15. They are so close to us that we were able to read the nametag on the pilot inside. This was an awesome experience, and I can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Best Friend

Britten and Kyle love each other sooo much. Kyle is Brittens new favorite word. She has been saying nonstop for the past few days. She loves to get down on the floor with him and pet him and love on him. Funny story......Yesterday when Justin got off of work, I was making Brittens dinner, and he walked in and picked her up. He asked me what she was eating, and I told him that I had been feeding her cheese. He saw that it was a light beige color, so he put his finger in her mouth and pulled out pieces of Kyles milkbone. I guess that she found it on the floor and thought that it looked good. I guess that Britten likes to share her fruit loops with Kyle, and he likes to share his treats too!

Ready for bed

Before bed every night, Britten loves to play and get all of her energy out. She is usually the most hyper for the last hour that she is awake. She was in her warm and comfortable pajamas, and although they had sweet potatoes on them, she knew that she was cute enough for one last picture before bedtime.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pictures...I am actually smiling!!

I couldn't resist taking some pictures of Britten in her cute outfit. She loves when Mommy gets the camera out. It is getting harder to get pictures of her sitting still. She likes to crawl up to the camera last minute. That makes for a really close up picture!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Posing with Daddy and Mommy

Making a funny face
Cheesing for the camera... If you look closely, you can see her bottom teeth.

Britten's First Halloween

Ready to fly!!
She was so proud of the baloon that she got at the Fall Festival at church!!

Last night, Britten experienced her first Halloween. She thought that it was the strangest night! Getting into a costume (the black nose confused her), and having a lot of people ring the doorbell for candy was very strange to her!! She really loved it though. As soon as we got her dressed, we visited some neighbors, and then headed up to the church for the Fall Festival. They had all kinds of treats and games. Mommy and Britten loved the cotton candy. After that, we headed back to the house and handed out candy. By the time the night was over, Britten was sleepy and ready for bed! She said that she can't wait until next year when she is old enough to go Trick or Treating!!