Friday, April 23, 2010

Such a sweet girl

Swear this is not one of my baby pics!
squinty eyes, droopy diaper

Look Ma, NO HANDS!

Our Ellie is such a sweetheart. I cannot believe that she is growing up so quickly. She wants to walk so bad and she is so close. Regardless, she is still able to move sooo fast. She is into everything. Her favorite trick is unrolling the toilet paper. She also loves playing with doors. I do not like this because her fingers get so close. She always closes the door to her room, and then sits right in front of it where you can't get in. Then she cries. Silly girl. She is picking up on sign language pretty well. She looked at Justin a few days ago after she woke up from her nap, and signed more to eat. She knew that it was time. She also loves books. Especially if they have pictures of kids in them. She just giggles. Her favorite one is from Granny and Grandad called God Made Me. I could read this book with my eyes closed (Ally, I know you could recite it too!). She loves to sit at the bottom of the stairs and yell up to Britten. Ellie usually wakes up around 7-7:30, and Britt doesn't get up till 8. Apparently Ellie doesn't like this too much. Guess that I am too boring. So she will crawl to the stairs and yell up to Britt. So adorable. We are so blessed.

Happy Earth Day

always posing
Britt came up with this saying. She also did the beautiful flowers.

That my girl. haha

Ok, so if you know me at all you know that I am not a bit artistic. Not too bad though, right? (Staci?)

Busy painting

So since yesterday was Earth Day, we decided to celebrate with sidewalk paint. This stuff is awesome and so easy to make. Don't buy sidewalk paint at the store. It is so overpriced. All that you do is mix 1/4 corn starch, 1/4 water, and however many drops of food coloring that you want. So easy. Anyways...I try to teach Britt the importance of taking care of our Earth. We are required to recycle at least once a month in our town (If not you will get a fine) and I love this. It is so easy and I hate that I didn't start doing this earlier. We also try to keep electricity use down, and conserve water. Littering is a no no, too. We don't like litterbugs. Britt is so good at remembering all these things. So if you are ever around her don't even think about littering. She will call you out on it.

Uncle John

Am I that short? I never realized how tall John is.

We got to see my uncle John a few weeks ago because he was in the area for business. It was so good to see him. This was his first time meeting Ellie, and Britten hadn't seen him since she was just a few months old. It was great to catch up with him. We love visitors, but hardly get them, so this was a great surprise. Next, we are going to Chicago to see him. Can't wait. Ellie had already gone to sleep in this picture. I have to get the one that John took of all of us at the restaurant.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The humongous bouncy in our yard
Me and Britt racing...she catches me.

She could beat me every time. O to be young.


Me and Just

Are yall kidding me? The sandbox now? There is a huge inflatable playground in the yard!

Britt, Connor, and Ell

Brittany getting her butt kicked by me....again. JK

Britt in the bouncy

We had a neighborhood watch party at our church last weekend, and Justin was in charge o getting the inflatable obstacle course. The rental was for the whole weekend, so we decided to set it up in our backyard. We had so much fun playing on it. I am talking about me and Justin. Ha. Britten thought that it was so cool that it was in our backyard, and Connor got to come over and play with her on it. Ellie wasn't too fond of it, and would scream when anyone would go down the slide.

Britten and Ellie

attempt one
attempt two...Ellie gets Britts necklace. Britt giggling.

What will we do with her?

Third times a charm

And a silly one


Ellie looks like her Papoo in this one!

9 months

squinty eyes like her Momma

She is up to something here!!

Do I have to many pictures? NOOOOO. Not enough. I cannot get enough of these girls. I always heard that you will not take as many pictures of your second child. This is not true for me.
I was putting clothes in the dryer on Sunday before church, and Britten comes into the laundry room and tells me that she put Ellie in the chair for her picture. ( I always try to get their pictures once a week). It took a while for it to process, and then I realized that Britten put Ellie in the chair in the living room all by herself then left. So I ran in there and as soon as I turned the corner to the living room, I see Ellie leap off of the chair and land on all fours. I was waiting for a cry but she just looked up at me and started giggling. What a nut. So I had to have a talk with Brit about picking Ellie up. She told me, but Momma she looked so adorable today and I knew that you would want a picture!! I was just trying to help. What a sweetheart. Britt really does have a heart of gold, as her Daddy would say. Ellie is always one step (or crawl) behind her. They are such a blessing for Justin and I.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love warm weather

They love being together!
Ellie's first swimming pool experience

Summertime girl

Big sis

Loved the water

Kyle waiting for his frisbee

The best shot I have ever gotten of Andi

So, I love when it gets hot. We have been outside for hours since the weather warmed up. I love working outside. Get that from my Dad. Britten and Ellie both love it outside, too. They have been able to play in the swimming pool, their new sandbox, the sprinkler, and of course the swing set. I Love warm weather, and can't wait for the beach! The dogs love all the extra attention that they have been getting, too.

Easter Lunch

Here she goes

Connor seems lost

Easter girl

Connor wasn't too in to the hunt. He wanted to open each egg after he found it. Britt was sweet to save him some and share.

Brit should be a pro, now, from all the egg hunts!

Ellie looking for eggs

Leanna (baby anytime, Brittany, and me

After church, we went across the street to Dan, Brittany and Connors house for lunch. It was delicious. Britten and Connor got to go on another egg hunt, then jump in his bouncy castle from his birthday party. After this weekend, both girls were so tired because of everything that we had going on. We had fun and were glad to be invited over for lunch.