Saturday, February 16, 2008

Britten's First Haircut

Yesterday we took Britten to get her first haircut. She went to Mallory, the same girl that cuts momma's hair. We were a little worried that she would not cooperate, but she did really good. After we got home we tried to get some pictures of her, but all she wanted was her Valentine chocolate.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Britten Update!

I know that everyone has been dying for new pictures of Britten! they are! She is so big, isn't she! We are still pressing on with potty training....any tips?! She has gotten a lot better and we know that she wil have it down soon. She loves learning new songs and singing them. One of her new favorite ones is Row Row Row your boat.....boat sounds like butt, though. She also likes the Sheep song from church. She looks forward to going to the bookstore every morning with Mom after the gym. She plays with the choo choo trains and we read a lot of books. She got a new fish a few weeks ago that stays in her room. He is a lieelt red beta fish, and his name is Reggie. She loves having her own pet. She helps Mommy feed him and blows him kisses every night. It is so neat to hear her talking in sentences all the time. She is getting too old. Her favorite game is still....Mommy whats that? She loves to learn. She surprised me last week when she pointed at a stop sign and said look Mommy octagon! I had told her that once, and she had remembered. She is a little sponge. We are looking forward to the warm weather so we can play outdoors more. More pics soon!