Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Downtown Trolley Rides

In the month of December, Goldsboro does free trolley rides every Tuesday evening. We had so much fun last night experiencing downtown Goldsboro on a horse drawn trolley. They have it decorated so cute with lots of lights and Christmas decorations. Britten really enjoyed the ride....especially the caroling! Ellie thought that it was crazy to be out in the cold for this. HAHA. We had fun, but it was cold.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Party

Hayley, Britten, and Ellie

Cute girls

Leave it to Britt to make the face!

Ellie eating her present

Britten opening her present

Last night we had a Christmas Party at our church. It was a neat program with a lot of good music (I sang, so I can say that haha), and Santa even showed up. Britten did a lot better this year after she warmed up to Santa. Ellie didn't care either way....she just wanted to eat the wrapping on her present!! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The three Steffens girls
Christmas Brissy

Holding Daddy on the stool

The perfect spot

He is not going to like this!

Big enough to put the star on top

A little unsure!

Daddy helping Britt

Decorating the tree

Ellie taking a break

The day after Thanksgiving, we got all of our Christmas decorations out. This is our favorite thing to do, and we are always so eager to get started! We put on some Christmas music and decorate as a family. Britten was bouncing off the walls because she was so excited. I remember that I was always the same was as a kid. Christmas has always been my Moms favorite holiday, so I guess that I take after her! I love the smells, lights, mood, decorations, and music. I love thinking back to all the traditions that we had at Christmas as a family growing up. From baking a million cookies, driving to Sweeny to see Granny and Grandad, my Dad making me say that Santa was real, ALL the decorations, playing in the snow, etc. One that is really special to me is sitting in the rocking chair with my Great Mam Maw by the fire. The Lewis family Christmas were always interesting. The kids would put on a program for the adults, which was always funny. One year my Dad and his brothers painted their belly's and sang a Christmas song. I remember that Kristin was so scared! I also remember caroling at the rest home to Grandma. I know that she loved having her great grand kids there!What great memories. I remember that Staci was always first to wake up.....I am not sure how she did it. She would always wake Ally up first, then me. Then we would all yell up the stairs to Mom and Dad (Whom I am sure weren't too thrilled at the time), then we had to wait at the end of the hall while Mom got the video camera ready. We would run down the hall when we got the OK in our matching pj's to see what Santa had left us. Then we would take turns opening up presents. We always had sausage balls in the oven. I remember one Christmas when Staci read a passage about the birth of Christ. It was so neat and thoughtful. May we always remember the true reason for Christmas.....Christ. I hope that I can carry on these traditions with my family, as well as making new ones. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

19 Weeks

Where does this curly hair come from??

Is she realy already that old? Man, that doesn't even sound right! I cannot believe how much Ellie has grown lately. She loves to smile, and if she is awake she is usually doing it. She loves to be in her excersaucer playing. She loves to share her passy with baby dolls. I can not believe how much she loves Brittens Cabbage Patch dolls. She just looks at them and smiles and kisses them. She is getting so much better at sitting up. This is her favorite position, and will not lay down unless she is sleeping. She wants to be such a big girl. She does not like to ride in the car unless she is right next to her sister. If we put her too far away, she will scream the whole time. She also believes that when we eat, she should be eating...even if she just had a bottle. I can tell that she is not going to have a problem once she starts on food! Ellie is such a good baby. We are so blessed with such a beautiful, happy little girl!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Red Raider Girls

Saturdays for the Steffens family consist of college football, chips and salsa from Chilis, and a whole lot of relaxing. We get dressed up in our Red Raider gear and cheer Texas Tech on! GO TECH!

She wanted to type her name