Thursday, February 25, 2010

Britten Day

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calenders. Today is the first annual Britten Day. It doesn't require much, except having a lot of fun and dressing up pretty. We were informed of Princess Britten Day on our way home from church last night, so that we would be properly prepared for today. The accepted attire is rainbow clothing, or gold and silver. The agenda includes a tea party and lots of pretty things (like flowers). The guest include Brittens four daughters (yes daughters) Big Lick, Little Lick, Nano, Knee, Daddy, Mommy, Ellie, Kyle and Andi. It should be fun. Maybe you will be invited next year. Its the event to be at. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Caroline Rose

Today I was able to watch Caroline Rose, who is 2 1/2 months old. She was so good, and Ellie LOVED having another baby around. Caroline is Britten's friend Hayley's sister. Britten was a great help to me today, even though she had to get in Ellie's bed.(She was pretending to be a baby). I love the pics of Ell getting into Carolines car seat.....she was so curious!


So I know that my girls will kill me when they get older and see all the matching outfits that I put them in, but I think that they are so adorable. I would match them everyday if I could. This was before church last Sunday. If you look closely you can see a tear in Ellie's eye in a picture. I don't think she wanted so many pictures.

Ellie started crawling last week. Wow. Is is really that time? She does a cute little "worm" move where she gets on all fours and then does a belly dive. Pretty soon she is going to be all over the house. Guess that it is time to child proof the house again! She is also eating pretty much all of the baby food out there. She loves it. She actually could care less about her bottles most of the time. She also loves Puffs. She is so big and it is scary. I love these girls so much!!!


Yummy! We decided to roast some marshmallows in out fireplace last weekend. This was actually Britts idea, and I was quick to agree. I am not sure how Just managed to not be in one of these pictures. I will have to get him next time! I know that if Ellie wasn't in bed already that she would have wanted some!!

Our Snowman

So, we got another snow in North Carolina weekend before last. We decided that a snowman was needed Justin did all the work. I was there for support and to offer one of my million scarves. Britten loved the snowman and had to pose next to it. This daughter of ours is always cracking me up in sooo many ways. The other day I had brought some chocolate covered oreos home from Brittany (my neighbor) house bc I had helped her with a baby shower. Britt told me that she loved oreos, but knew that we couldn't have them because I would eat them like an elephant. I guess she had heard me say that I love oreos so much but if we had them at the house I would be as big as an elephant. Funny how she heard it. She also told me that she wants to go by Britt now. Not Britten or Brissy, just Britt. I know that I need to write this stuff down bc it is so hilarious!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Britten's New Do

Today we were in the mall and we mentioned to Britten that she should get her hair trimmed. She surprised us when she said that she wanted to cut it short. She was certain that she wanted it shoulder length, and wasn't nervous one bit. We think it looks great, and she LOVES it.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Kyle and Andi

So, we never take enough pictures of Kyle and Andi. When we try to, they do not like to cooperate. We got a few good ones of Kyle, but Andi apparently does not like the camera. I guess that it is a female thing. Haha. We had fun this weekend with them, playing in the snow and then cuddling inside by the fire. This is Kyles favorite spot....right by the fire!

Brittens Party

Pin the tongue on the frog
Waiting for their turn

The whole group from left to right
Connor, Lindsey, Alexis, Hayley, Andrew,Britten, and Ellie

Opening presents

Silly faces!!

Britten and Hayley

Teresa (Brittens Sunday school teacher) holding Ellie and Melissa (Hayley and Andrews Mom)

We had Britten's 4th birthday party the Saturday after her birthday at our house. Let me tell you....there were too many kids running around! It was wild.....but Britten had a lot of fun, and that's all that mattered! Britten decided that She wanted a Tiana party (The Princess and the frog). I agreed that would be good before I realized how hard it would be to find Tiana decorations! We ended up making our own....Justin made a really cute frog for pin the tongue on the frog. I made her cake, which we somehow forgot to take a picture of amidst all the chaos, as well as some "swamp water" punch. It turned out to be a good day for our little (well big now) princess. (Is it bad to say that we were so relieved when it was over?!) I really don't do well with other peoples children!!

More snow pics

These are the pics from Saturday when we woke up to snow. Britten was so eager to get out there. She had to make a few snow angels, but it was hard for me to get a pic because the snow was falling in her face! She got to play with Connor for a little bit before coming inside to warm up. I love the pic of Ellie and Justin looking out from the house. So sweet.
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