Monday, August 31, 2009

Watermelon Festival

This was our second year to go to the Watermelon Festival in Winterville. It was a lot of fun, but it was also super hot. I ended up under a canopy with Ellie keeping her cool and comfortable while Daddy and Britt rode the rides. The watermelon was delicious and we enjoyed getting to experience it again. We were so glad that our neighbor and her son Connor came with us!!


Britt acting silly like Mom After a jog

This is what I am calling my ailment that hits at the end of the week. Symptoms include drowsiness, tears, irrational thinking, loss of time to finish chores, and uncontrollable moodiness. Being a Mommy of 2 girls can definitely wear you out!!

Six Weeks

Time goes by too fast! I cannot believe that Ellie is already six weeks! WOW. She is doing well too. We are enjoying having a newborn in the house again, even when it gets tough. We are so blessed to have Justin home to enjoy this time with us! She is growing, it seems, every day. She is holding her head up really good and really starting to sleep much better. I cannot wait until she sleeps through the whole night!!! Soon......I hope.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleepy Girls

It was a picture worthy moment to see the girls asleep by each other yesterday. It was also very quiet. It was nice for me and Justin to have dinner alone.It doesn't happen often!

Does this look familiar?

No, I did not stage this photo. I saw Ellie laying on the couch, and it reminded me of a picture of Britten in the same outfit. I pulled it out of her album, and I was amazed at the exact position that Ellie was laying was just like Britten was sleeping. Pretty wild, huh?!

Warning....These pictures will make you smile!

Silly Hat

Ellie clueless to what her sister did!
I think that Andi wants to try it out!

She can make a silly hat look adorable!

Mommy in the hat

Attitude.....What attitude?

I found Ellie with this silly looking Elmer Fudd hat on in her bouncy. I think that I know who did it.....then the guilty party wanted to put in on herself as well. Then of course, Mommy had to join in on the silliness. What fun would it be to be normal and not be silly? Our family will never know!

First time in pants

Ellie has the skinniest little legs and arms. She hasn't been able to wear pants until last week(They are still newborn size). She looked so cute in them, then she spit up on them right after these pictures. At least I got a few good ones!!

Five Weeks

Enough pictures, Mommy!!

Ellie Whitley at five weeks. She is getting stronger every day! I can't believe how fast she is growing. We love to compare the pictures of Britten at this age and see their similarities and differences. I think that Ellie looks more like her Daddy, although Britten resembled her Daddy more at a younger age. Ellie is also a better eater and is growing faster at this point. It seems like I can't keep her fed without her wanting more! She loves to eat! She is such a happy, content baby. Her favorite things are getting her hair brushed and getting a bath. (And her passy!)

Ready for Church

Britten loves dresses....she wears them almost every day. To get her to wear pants of any kind is a chore. She especially loves her church dresses since they are more frilly. Sunday before last, Ellie wore her first dress. She is finally getting big enough to wear outfits. She looked so sweet in this dress. All of the ladies at church couldn't keep their hands off of her! I am so blessed with these two beautiful girls. Britten has learned the Fruits of the Spirit. I am so proud of her. She not only knows them, but she knows what most of them mean. She almost has the New Testament down too. She is so eager to learn, especially Bible stories.

Diaper Cake

My neighbor, Brittany, made me this diaper cake after Ellie was born.....I thought that she did a great job. Brittany is such a great friend to me....and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Britten loves to play with her son, Connor....who is adorable. He is all boy! Here is a pic of him from the forth of July that I never posted. Isn't he sooo cute! Thanks, Brittany for everything that you do for me and my family! One of these days her and I will remember to take a pic together!

4 weeks

I know that I am so behind getting pictures on here! It is hard to find time to do this stuff when there are two girls who need my attention. Here is Ellie's 4 week picture. She was so happy that day and smiled a lot for the camera! She loves laying in here bed looking up at her mobile.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bath Time

Ellie loves her baths! She has never fussed since we have been able to give her a bath in her little tub. She enjoys getting wet, and smiles the whole time. Big sister, Britt, loves to help me get her sister clean. She is such a big helper and loves spending time with Ellie. Thanks, Pap Paw and Gammy for the bath! It is so helpful!