Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas with the Steffens

Justin and I were really excited about Christmas this year because Britten is older, and knew what was going on. She got so many (too many) toys this year! Her big present from Santa Claus was a red tricycle. She also got blocks, an Elmo doctor kit, Dora dress up clothes, Play Doh, a sit and spin, baby dolls, and some DVD's. She also got a lot of clothes and books. It was so neat to watch her expression when she opened everything. We have really enjoyed having Gammy here in Georgia during the holiday! Any one else is welcome to come see us!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Licking the Beaters

Today I taught Britten a very important life lesson.....the best part about baking is licking the beaters! She thought that is was so much fun to be able to carry her "Yummy stick" around! This is my favorite part about baking anything sweet!! (Pardon my stay at home Mom sans makeup style. I promise I own a brush!)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Pictures 2007

Here are a few more snapshots of Britten on Friday after her Christmas Party. I took her to the mall to try to get some pictures for a Christmas card, but I didn't get any that I wanted for the cards. They are very cute, though. I was just ready to get out of that madness that day.....Britten did not want to walk, so I was carrying her around looking for anything Christmasy. It was freakin hot in the mall because for some reason they thought that the heater should be on even though it was almost 80 degrees outside. I swear....Central Georgia is too hot for me! I need snow...even just a little breeze would do! Haha! Anyways.....we had a pretty good day. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Party

This morning Britten had her Christmas party with her Sunday School class up at the church. They are going to make ornaments, sing Christmas songs, and decorate Christmas cookies. She has been so excited about this all week....especially since I told her about the cookies. Yes, she is my child. After that, we are going to have her picture taken with Santa. I am anxious to see how she reacts to him this year! Last year she was too little to really understand. I hope she isn't too scared. I can remember how scared Kristin Lewis was at this age! (Now she is in college...not even right.) After a nap, Mommy has a Christmas party with all of her friends at the gym. Yes dinner with a bunch of aerobics instructors. Do I have to eat a salad and drink water. haha. Anyways, we are going to have a fun Saturday! Let the Christmas parties begin! Seasons Greetings!
As you can tell, Britten wasn't too psyched about having her picture taken this morning. She also told me her dress was ugly. Two's are going to be so fun! haha