Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Girl Teetee!

Yes, that is right. Miss Britten went teetee in her new Elmo potty. She went for the first time two days ago, and Mommy and Daddy were so proud! She has only done it one more time since then, but we know that she will get better at it! She is such a big girl!

Texas Recap

We had so much fun this summer in Texas! We only wish that Daddy could have been there with us! Next time! We started our trip out in Galveston with my Moms brother Gary, and his family. We had so much fun at the beach house. I know that Britten enjoyed seeing Orey, Hayden, Lauren, Mary, Gary, and Great Granny and Grandad. There are a lot more pictures of the beach, but they are on my Moms camera. We had such a good time, and can't wait to do it again. Britten loved being in the water, and hated leaving the beach. We then went to Lubbock to visit with everyone else! I know that it was overwhelming for Britten to see everyone, but she loved it. I know that she enjoyed being around both mine and Justins family, as well as meeting Mommy's friends. We can't wait to be back there! We love and miss everyone! Thanks for all of the fun times while we were there!