Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun at the Magic Kingdom

Sherri and Papoo

Papoo and Ellie at the light parade

Beauty and the Beast

Ellie relaxing

up to something


Going to Tom Sawyer island

On the boat

Spinning Tea Cups

Getting dizzy

with her prince

Posing with Sherri and Papoo

Watching the parade with Daddy

The Magic Kingdom Park was Britten's favorite. We actually went there two different days because so we could do everything (many things twice). Britten really loved the Small World Ride....I wasn't so crazy about it. ha ha. She also got to ride the spinning tea cups, flying Dumbo, magic carpets, a Snow White ride, Pooh ride, and many more. She also really loved the 3-D Mickey Show that we saw three times. We also got to enjoy the parades twice, and had really good spots the second day that we went. We were right up front, which was neat. Britten was also chosen out of the audience to be in a Belle Story time show. She played Mrs. Potts. It was adorable....and yes, I didn't have my camera. She also really enjoyed Mickey and Minnie's house, and Donald's Boat. SO MUCH FUN! She has decided that when she grows up, this is where she wants to work. She said that she would like to be Cinderella, but she better be Belle because people would believe her more.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tink and her friends

Tink and Britt
Fairy discussion


The one Ellie spit up on

Rosetta and Britt

OK, so not only do girls Britten's age love the Disney Princesses, but apparently the fairies are just as big of a deal. Britten actually chose to meet them first, and the line was about five times as long. She was so glad to meet them, and can't wait to see the new Tinkerbell movie. When we first got in the line, the lady that worked there told us that Tinkerbell probably wouldn't be there because she was busy, so we were soooo excited that she was there!! Ellie spit up on the first fairy....oops!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Princess Ellie made it in the pic with Belle!

SO cute!

Princess talk

Princess Aurora

Standing like Jasmine

With Sleeping Beauty at Epcot

At Ariels grotto

Pocahantas at Animal Kingdom

Two Cinderellas

Britten loves the Disney Princesses ! She was so excited to be able to meet so many of them on our trip to Disney World. Her face would light up and she would get so excited. Jasmine was the first on that she met, and she became really shy. Jasmine was asking her what her name was and where she was from, and she just froze up. It was so cute. She started to loosen up a little bit with each princess. I think that she enjoyed meeting Cinderella the most especially since she had her dress on!!We can't wait to learn more about the new Disney princess, Tiana!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disney World Vacation

The Four of us
Britt with Sherri and Pappoo

She is so excited to be there!

In front of the castle

Little princess

What a fun family vacation we had to Disney World this October! We had been looking forward to this trip for 6 months, and we so glad to finally get there. Britten of coarse was in heaven....and can you blame her! The first thing that we saw was the castle....so she was hooked! We were so glad that Jimmy and Sherri were there...we only wish their stay was longer. We cannot wait to go back again when Ellie is a little older!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bathtime Fun

Bath girls
Cute lil Ellie

Silly sisters

Looking TOO old!

All clean

Both girls love bath time! They would stay in there for hours at a time if I would let them!

Girls being girls

Such dolls!!
Look at my rattle!

Being adorable (I wonder what she is thinking in this pic?!)

The serious Ellie haha

I'm not like my Mom!!

One of the fun things about being a mom of two girls is dressing them up. I love matching them. I am sure they will kill me when they get older and look back at all the pictures of them in the same outfit! haha. Right about this time, Ellie was starting to reach for things and hold them really well. (She was 3 months.) She was also getting really good about tummy time. She used to HATE being on her tummy at all. She also started to giggle a whole lot.....especially at Britten. I like to repeat what Britt does to make El laugh to see if I will get the same response, but I never do. I am just dorky to her! Britt loves holding her little sister. I remember that this is the time that I started feeling more comfortable with her holding Ellie because her head was so much stronger. Do you see a lot of resemblance between the two? (Ally thanks for the cute outfit that Ellie has on!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Red Raider baby

Football season......our favorite! Fall is also mine and Justin's favorite season and adding football into the mix makes it even better. Although the Raiders haven't done as well this year as last, we are still behind them and are hoping for a better season next year! Our Saturdays usually consist of the fam cuddling on the couch with a cozy blanket, chips and salsa from Chili's, and college football! Who could ask for more? Britten has always enjoyed watching football, and is a big Raider fan. She gets upset when they lose and wants them to win every game.
Justin has a game that he plays with Britt called Me gusta or no me gusta. It is so cute because it helps her learn new Spanish words but it is fun for her. My favorite answer of hers....Texas Tech ME GUSTA.....Texas Longhorns NOOOOOO ME Gusta! She knows! Ellie just likes to be in the middle of the madness giggling and smiling at how much of a goofy family she has. Sometimes I wonder how confused by us she really is!!

County Fair 2009

Taking it all in
Double strollers are hard to push!!

Such a happy girl!

Watching the circus

Britten eating her sandwich

Daddy and Ellie

A quick snooze

Wearing Daddy's sweatshirt

Mommy and Britt

Daddy and Britt

We attended the Wayne county fair again this year, and had a great time. It is the cutest little country fair that is simple, but fun. Britten of course loves all the animals and rides. She also really enjoyed the magic show. She was too shy to get on stage, even though the magician looked at her every time he needed a new volunteer. They thought that she was adorable and had the best laugh! Ellie just enjoyed being out! I think that she would ride in her stroller all day.....especially if it was outside! We always enjoy our little family outings. It is so important for us to be together doing stuff as a family, and we hope that we can continue to convince Britten, and soon Ellie, that their parents are cool. Haha!