Monday, October 29, 2007

Making cookies

Britten loves to help out in the kitchen. It is usually a lot harder on Mommy when she wants to help, but she makes it a lot more fun, too! Her favorite thing to do is help with the mixer.....she also likes the oven mitts. She has all of a sudden grown so much in these past few weeks. It is like we blinked, and she had suddenly changed into a complete toddler. She is so smart, too. She can spell her name all by herself, and count all of the way to eight! She has such a good memory and picks up on everything. Something that she always does is grab her purse and ride her Dora car out of the room. We will ask where she is going and she will either say church or Wal-Mart. HAHA. She amazes us with new things everyday, and we are so thankful to have such a smart little girl. We figure in a few years she will be teaching us stuff!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Justin has been wanting to finish the hallway for a while now. It has been painted orange for about a year now, and we though that adding a little white would make it look a lot better. He did a really good job, and the end result turned out amazing.

First toenail painting

The other day I got a pedicure and Britten sat in my lap and watched me. She was really interested in what they were doing with Mommy's feet. The lady offered to paint her fingernails, but Britten kept saying no. Britten was really caught up in how pretty Mommy's toenails were, and asked me to paint hers pink. She sat really still, and loves them. Every time she looks at them, she says PRETTY!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Georgia National Fair

Yesterday after Daddy got off work, we finally made it out to the Georgia National Fair. We had such a fun time! The fair here is is like the fairs that you see in the movies. Everything is built up around a small pond. It is so pretty to see the lights hitting the water at night. Although Britten got to go to the fair last year, she was too little to remember it. Let me tell you.....she LOVED it this year. The day started out with us scoping out all the food!!! Mommy and Daddy love this part!! (Britten does too!) After that we watched a puppet show, the pig races(Britten cheered GO PIGGIES GO, the whole time), went to the petting zoo, watched a man high dive from 80 feet, went to the petting zoo, then went through all of the exhibits. After that, we went to the midway and Britten got to ride the carousel with Daddy, and slide down the big slides with Mommy. The last thing that we did was sit around the pond and watch the laser show that was followed by the fireworks! This was one of the best firework shows that you can see. Britten was a little scared at first, but then when it ended she wanted to see more. The whole way home she talked about how the fireworks went BOOM......she even woke up talking about them still. Good news is we are going back tomorrow with our Sunday school class.....YEAAA!! More food and fun!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two of a Kind

I am very aware that Britten has a lot of my physical, as well as personality traits, but I also see a lot of her Daddy in her. She definitely has his eyes......and I love them. This is one of my favorite traits on Justin, and I am glad that Britten has the same color as he does. Another thing that she gets from her Daddy is sticking out her tongue when she is concentrating. I think this is adorable. As soon as I see her doing it, I tell her to put her tongue in her mouth....and she sticks it out even further!! Which brings me to stubbornness.....OK OK....she gets that from both of us! I also love how laid back her personality is. This comes from her Daddy for sure. My family was always the go go type ( Mom and Dad still are) which is OK, but it is nice to be able to relax with them, too. She gets a lot of her outgoing personality from her Mommy....she never meets a stranger, but she also occasionally gets a little shy. That comes from Daddy. I am sure that I will notice more and more thing that the two loves of my life have in common the older Britten gets. One thing I know is that I love them both SO VERY MUCH!( Like that's a surprise to anyone!)

Little Artist

Britten found a blue pen this morning without Mommy knowing. She decided to draw a picture.....on her self. I think it looks pretty good! I love how you can see her Cheetos fingerprints on her legs as well. What a Lil mess!