Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ellie Whitley

pretty girl
Doesn't she look so big sitting up?



Standing in her crib

So happy

Close up


cutting her eyes!!

Almost eight months! I cannot believe it! Ellie has grown in the blink of an eye! She is crawling, eating all baby food and has really shown an interest in walking. She likes to talk....when Britten gives her a chance. She is such a good baby! I always joke that she is going to be my strong willed child because when she sees something that she wants, she usually gets it! She's is pretty constant with her schedule, which makes it easy on us. I cannot believe how big she is......Wow.

What's in Your Wallet?

Ellie getting into my wallet
Only Coupons?

Where's the money?

I didn't do it!

Britten heard the camera, and had to get in a pic!

I guess Ellie wanted to know. There is not much there but coupons and old receipts. Either way, I don't think that she was after the money just yet. I think that she was more interested in making a mess. I can't leave her alone anymore because she can always find something to get in to in no time. She is all over the place. She is so interested in walking though and always tries to stand on her feet when she crawls. Her favorite toy (I can hear her playing with it in her bed now) is a McDonald's toy of Britten's. It is from the movie Madagascar and sings I like to Move it Move it. She loves making it sing, and will wiggle around in her crib. I think that we have another dancer in the house. Sorry, Justin! She had rhythm!

Sunday Comics

I always looked forward to the Sunday Comics, or the "Sillies" as my Dad called them. This was the only part of the paper that I cared for. I found Britten with the comics Sunday after church in the bathroom. She loves to have them read to her. Her favorite one from this week was For Better or For Worse because it was about a little girl. It showed her getting all sorts of kitchen utensils out of a drawer, then she slammed her fingers in on accident. She started crying, then they had to go to the doctor to get them bandaged up. The mom then prayed "Lord next time something bad happens, let it happen to me." I tried to explain this concept to Britten, and how I felt the same way about her and Ellie, bu all that she kept saying was "why do you want to get hurt!" Wouldn't we take all the pain for our kids if we could. It is scary putting the girls out there in the world where there is so much hurt and pain! I am so thankful that I know that there is a God who will be there for us in the hard times!
Best pic
Cute Sisters

I think a squirrel caught Brits eye!

Ellie looking away

Britten looking away

On Sunday the girls looked so cute in their spring dresses. I am so glad that warm weather is on its way! I know that Brit is too. She loves her summer time clothes. Going barefoot is the best and I love Ellie in only a diaper. There is nothing cuter than that. So yes, I am the redneck outside with no shoes on holding my baby in only her diaper. haha. It was hard getting a picture of both girls looking on Sunday before church. There was so much to see outside on such a beautiful day. Still, I caught a few good ones!


Yup, we look alike!
Daddy's eyes here

She is so tickled in this one bc I kept cutting her face out of the pic!

I love her sweet look in this one!

She does have my sillyness!

So I am aware that Britten has a fair share of Justin and me in her, but the other day she reminded me of a kindergarten picture that I have seen of myself (She has better hair though. haha). We snapped a few pictures to see if we looked alike....when we got started we of course couldn't stop being silly. I love being a mom to a four year old. It reminds me to not take life so seriously. Whether its playing princess, mermaid, tea party, or outside with the dogs, there is always an adventure to be had! And what an imagination this girl has!!

We just got through reading the Secret Garden to Britten. Her first chapter book. She really loved it and looked forward to it at nap time and bedtime. We read all 21 chapters in a week. I am so glad that Britt loves to read as much as I did. Our book for this week.....Peter Pan. We think Daddy might like this one a little more!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

watching sissy and the clown
little Lindsay

waiting her turn

Britten and Mimi the Clown

so still

the start of a butterfly

more colors

finishing touches

Butterfly girl Britten

Ellie wants a turn

another pose

Ellie getting a rose

She loved Mimi

Ellie's first face painting

Look at the bee on her nose! Adorable!

We went to Chic fil a last night to see Mimi the clown. She is so awesome at painting faces and goes to Chic fil a a few times every month. Britten loves her...and I think that Ellie does now too! She is so fast at painting...and can do everything imaginable. Britten was first to go and wanted a butterfly...she did her face in about two minutes. Wow. She loved it so much. Then we decided to see if Ellie would sit still enough to get a small design and she did great. She stared at Mimi the whole time. Since she was so still she added more details then a little bee on her nose. ADORABLE! I tried to convince Justin to get something, but he wouldn't agree. haha.

Friday, March 05, 2010

My little Models

The girls were little models for a day for a wonderful photographer here in Goldsboro. Didn't these turn out sooo adorable?!