Sunday, May 28, 2006

Britten's first time in the swimming pool

Britten got in the swimming pool yesterday for the first time, and LOVED it. She had big eyes the whole time and was soaking it all in. She kicked a little, and was even brave enough to put her face under water. She really thinks that she in older then she is. I know that she didn't want to get out. She looked so cute in her swim cap. You know me, I have to accessorize her. When Daddy gets home, we will have to go swimming all the time!

Bathing Beauty

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Meag at 2:00 am

Meagan had a rough night. She said that she woke up not feeling so well the next morning. I am glad I was pregnant and in Georgia on my 21st birthday! LOVE YA MEAG.

Meag's 21st

I love my girls!!!

My Best Friends

I had so much fun with you girls. It felt like old times with us all three hanging out. We need to do it more often. I love yall both so much!

Meagan's Family

Tonya, Meagan, Meagans boyfriend Gap, Britten and I all had dinner at Texas Land and Cattle for Meagans 21st birthday. Meagan's brother and sister, Mom and her boyfriend, and his son were all there also. We had a lot of fun! Karsi (Meags sister) has gotten so big and held Britten almost the whole time. I bought Meagan the sash that she is wearing. It says Birthday Princess. She also had a plastic crown that said Birthday Girl. It was so good to be there with my two best friends!! Tonya was of course as funny as always and kept us laughing all night. I will keep the rest of the stories to myself so Meagan wont get too embarassed! Love yall!

Which one is my Mommy?

Everyone has always said that me and Allyson look a lot alike. I wonder if Britten ever gets a little confused?

No wonder they call me JUSTINA!!

After church today, Britten had a bottle then fell asleep for a short afternoon nap. Me and Allyson were doing some cleaning and cooking because they were having company over to the house for Mothers Day. Ally told me to go look in the cradle and Britten was wide awake with her feet straight up in the air. She wasn't crying or fussing at all. She stayed in there for about 15 minutes just looking around and giggling. I wish I woke up that happy. We think that she looks just like her Daddy in these pictures. (Its a good thing). We love you baby !


Britten looked so cute and Allyson couldn't resist taking more pictures of Britten. I didn't care because I believe that I can't have to many pictures of her. I bought a photo album yesterday at Target to put all of her pictures in. We saw a really cute one that was divided into months (0-3, 3-6, etc.) and they were all in a little case. I really liked it a lot but I already have tons more pictures than the photo album would hold. So I bought something more practical......Anyways, right after these pictures Britten spit up all over the couch. I think it is because we were doing airplane with her. She was having so much fun and looks adorable! Imagine that!

Ally and Britten Snoozing

Allyson kept Britten for me on Friday night so I could go out for Meagan's 21st birthday. We were pretty lazy for most of the day on Saturday. I caught them sleeping on her couch. I have never heard these two so quiet! I am so thankful to have a sister like Allyson and a brother-in-law like Dustin. They are always so helpful when I need a break. Love yall!

Monday, May 08, 2006


Staci graduated from LCU on Saturday. We are all so proud of her and everything that she has accomplished. She is going to make an amazing teacher!! After the ceremony, Staci, Chad, Dad, Dustin, Ally, Britten, and I all went to Benaglios to eat. We had a lot of fun. It was good to be able to spend time with my two sisters and their husband/soon to be husband. Of course, it is always fun to spend time with our Dad too! After that we went to my Moms house and me and Britten took a nap (we were very worthless that day) while Chad and Staci took engagement pictures. When they got home we ate a wonderful dinner that my Mom had made. In my mind I was thinking YEAH two free meals in one day! HAHA. I bought Staci this cake at United and she thanked me and said how sweet it was. I told her not to give me too much credit, I was just craving something sweet! Anyways, it was a WONDERFUL weekend. I was glad that I was able to spend some time with Chad and get to know him better. I am going to miss Staci very much! LOVE YOU STACI!


Ally took Britten's 17 Week pictures at Mom's house the other day. I love having such a talented photographer as a sister! Thanks Ally! WE love you!

To My Beautiful Daughter

When You need someone to talk to, I hope you will talk to me. When you need someone to laugh with, I hope you will laugh with me. When you need someone to cry to, I hope that you will let me hold you. When you need someone to advise, you I hope you will turn to me. When you need someone to help you, I hope you will let me help you. I cherish and love everything about you. And I will always support you as a parent, as a person, and as a friend. You are always in my prayers and I thank God for you every single day! You are such a joy and blessing!

Think We will win?

Fox 34 is doing a contest for the month of May for the biggest Fox Fanatic. The winners (picked every weekday) will receive a 26" Flat screen LCD t.v. Well I had this idea to use my favorite little person to help me win the contest. After all, who can resist something so cute? So I wrote the Fox 34 emblem on her diaper then took the picture of her from the front. Think I have a chance of winning???

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Britten was actually pretty fussy in this picture. The only way I could get her to look at me was to hold her passie above the camera. We will just pretend that she was giving me this loving gaze, and not her passie (her true love)!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

TOO Little for my Jumper

I bought Britten this Jumper, and she is way too small for it! She ends up just dangling while she is in it. She will stay in it for a while, then she gets fussy. I think we will try it out in another month and see how she likes it then!!

16 Weeks