Friday, October 29, 2010

Firehouse Fun

Look at Ellies belly in this one!

We went to the Goldsboro Fire department this morning for a tour. Britten was able to tour the fire station in Slaton about a year ago, but Ellie had never been. They both had a lot of fun. We went with friends, Owen and Noah. Britten loves playing with them and Beth and I always enjoy the Mommy talk. They went over all the fire safety rules. Britten really impressed me with all her knowledge...she knew to dial 911, stop drop and roll, to crawl when there is smoke, and to have a meeting place. It was neat that the kids were able to see the firefighter in his gear because it could be a scary thing for a child to see if something ever did happen. The newspaper was there and took pictures for the paper. I guess they will be making an appearance in the next few days. It was a fun morning for us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad they got to go to the fire station. Maybe in a several years they can be firewomen in Slaton and take over my spot! Hint! Hint!
Love y'all,
Pop Pop